Scout and Frodo’s (April 7)

An Amazing Stay with Scout and Frodo

When planning for my 2019 PCT adventure, I had arranged to stay with the legendary trail angel’s Scout and Frodo the day before setting out on the trail. These folks are an amazing couple who host PCT hikers from all over the world prior to the start of their journey. They’ve been doing it for years! Scout and Frodo are their trail names (something most hikers will be given/acquired along the way) having both thru-hiked the PCT before as well as other long distance hikes.

Before making our way to Scout and Frodo’s, however, dad and I had a few tasks to get done. We kept the same routine as yesterday with an early morning. I spent some time writing, then we headed off walking again. This time it was with the goal of finding a few last supplies that were still on the list to get.

First stop was The Broken Yolk Restaurant for some breakfast burritos. Very tasty, but very filling too. We managed to find all the items on our list except for stove fuel. In the end we learned we could buy fuel at Scout and Frodo’s, so success!

During our travels the day before and this morning, we had observed electric scooters left hodge-podge all over the city. We figured out they’re through various ride-share companies and they don’t have specific docking stations. Thus, we made a great decision to go for it and try them out!

Dave H was a blur as he sped through the hills of San Diego. Truly a natural.

A little after 1pm, we took the hotel shuttle back to the airport. Once there, we made our way to the arranged pick-up spot to head to Scout and Frodo’s. At the airport, we met Niel from Boston and Frank from Portland and then we were all picked up by Frodo and brought to their home. This was such an amazing experience! The hospitality, commitment, and amount of love these two poor out is unbelievable. For fifteen years they’ve been doing this and imagine there were 27 of us staying with them the night we were there. And that’s the situation day after day for a couple months.

We got to chat with volunteers that have done thru-hikes in the past and meet folks from all over the world. At one point I was sitting on the couch with people from England, Croatia, Israel, Switzerland, and Germany.

If I had more time I’d try to do more justice with my words, but here’s some photos…

Tomorrow, we hit the trail!

So excited for this!!!

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  1. Troy Tamminga

    Any chance Dave H can take that scooter on the trail? I can’t wait to hear what your trail name is. “Mr. Teacups” has a nice ring to it.

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