Day 9 (April 16): PCT Mile 101.1 – 109.5)

Meadows, Eagle Rock, and Warner Springs

Beginning Elevation = 3,500
Ending Elevation = 3,000
Weather:  Overcast, misting and fogging early, some light rain late, pretty windy

I’m sure my cliffhanger about the critters attempting to get my food had you on the edge of your seat, just like an episode of Breaking Bad. They did not attack. There were some rather loud hikers talking late, but we persevered.

Of the group tenting around us, we were one of the earliest out, beginning a little after 6:30 today. We started with some warm weather clothes and found our fingers to be chilly again. Soon, we put on our rain jackets since it was kind of spitting rain/misting on us.

Not much elevation gained or lost, pretty flat. Soon, the clouds cleared somewhat, but we kept the rain jackets on for wind protection. Then, we dropped down into something completely different from what we’d been seeing: a large, flower covered meadow with rolling hills. I thought this was so cool looking, so took lots of photos…

Eventually, we walked out of the meadow area and found a small creek. We ate our breakfast around this lovely spot…

And while feasting (oatmeal with blueberries for DH, eggs and peppers for SH), this gal came walking by…

After breakfast, we climbed out of the creeks canyon, then dropped into another meadow! Here, I tried to record a loud bird that we called a meadow lark (it’s the black speck on the rock to the right)…

We soon made it to eagle rock (we didn’t even make this one up)!

Onward through the meadow and more flowers…

We finished the hike by walking along a different creek that had super big trees growing along it’s banks (later identified as Coastal Live Oaks – dad had been claiming them as Live Oaks all along, but I was doubting him)…

And boom, just like that, we hiked the 8.4 miles to Warner Springs. We got to town around noon and made our way to the Warner Springs Community Resource Center, which was all geared up for PCT hikers. They had a small food resupply stock, charging station, Epsom salt baths for folks feet, and even a mobile gear store stocked and ready for the mass of hikers assembling.

And a field set up for folks to camp out in…

We arrived in town a day ahead of dad’s planned pick up date! So, we decided to set up our tents and spend the night. By nightfall, we counted 33 other tents. Yikes.

After setting up, we went inside the resource center and ate our lunch (our trail food). Songbird, Fly, Brian, and super couple who saved my hat (Gerrit and Erin) were there too. Then, in the afternoon, we charged our phones, spent some time trying to reduce weight/items from my pack, and visited the store. I got some water/windproof gloves and some new straps to attach my sleeping pad better! I also checked out their selection of micro-spikes and will likely buy tomorrow, but I’ll explain all that in next post.

We also visited the gas station a half mile walk away and got some candy/colas.

For dinner, most of the PCT hikers walked over to the local school where the senior class served a spaghetti and meatball dinner fundraiser!

They did really good! The food was great!

It was rather chilly still at night and so we didn’t spend much time talking. We also found out that we’d set up right next to the same loud hikers. Fortunately, dad had purchased some ear plugs earlier today. It was a good day resting up for what’s to come.

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  1. Luke Medema

    I got in the stephenjameswalk wordpress game a bit late but have now caught myself up. Steve your pictures and story telling is AMAZING, what a great adventure you are having, I hope it continues to be grand, and please watch out for those snakes!!! Also, maybe one day you will have to show me a thing or two about backpacking/being a master hiker in the good ole’ Smokies!

    Cool Runnings

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