Day 81 (July 10): PCT Mile 1,394.4 – 1,409.8

Burney Mountain Guest Ranch

Beginning Elevation = 4,600
Ending Elevation = 3,300
Weather: sunny, low 80’s

I was ready for action this morning and had my earliest start yet of this stretch at 6:10am. The trail started going down right away and I thought I was done with the ridge/rim. It did level out for a bit and I came across what may have been Simba’s lands, everything that the light touches, no what I’m saying?But, no lions or lioness’ were spotted however, only a large cow and a coyote. Then, the trail returned to the edge of the Hat Creek Rim as I’d later learn it was called. Views of Mount Shasta all day!After 5 miles or so, I descended down the ridge and began cutting across the flat sparsely forested area you see in the last photo. This really wasn’t too exciting a section of trail, so I don’t feel I need to go into much detail. I will say that volcanic rock covered the trail in several sections, uneven and course gravel/cobbles, which made it a pain to walk on occasionally. I also went by beautiful Baum Lake and saw some folks fly-fishing in drift boats.I think it was around 1:00pm when I arrived at the Burney Mountain Guest Ranch. My correspondents up ahead: Calzone, Cheer, and Snickers, had all recommended the place for a resupply stop.

I really enjoyed my time at the ranch. Got to take a shower and wash the dust off, do some laundry, eat a delicious meal, and stock up for the next stretch in their cozy yet bountiful general store!The first couple days out here my head’s been a bit all over the place. It’s been beautiful, I’ve gotten to see some amazing volcanic stuff that’s super interesting to me, and the trail has even been relatively flat and nice, but day one back on the trail I actually had my first time where the thought of stopping the journey went through my head. I’ve since rallied and am feeling good now. It was a really nice setting at this ranch, sitting in the shade with a breeze, and I think it allowed me to focus my thoughts some. On that note, thanks to all you for following along and encouraging me! Please keep it up, it really does mean a lot to me.

And on a completely unrelated note, I’ve thought of two things that I feel I need to share. First, is that I have grown a great liking to Snickers bars. That may not seem like a big thing to you, but hear me out. I’ve never been a Snickers person. In fact, my first Snickers was probably on this trail. Shocking I know! I was always a Milky Way guy, 3 Musketeers, Kit-Kat, or possibly a Charleston Chew if lucky enough to come across one. But out here I’ve been eating lots of peanuts and am no longer afraid of them. I used to lump them in with tree nuts, which I am allergic to), hence my new love for Snickers. I even ate a frozen Snickers ice cream bar this evening, which is what got me on this tangent.

Second thing is that I finished Season 3 of Stranger things while here at the BMGR!  SPOILER ALERT! Now, I had a little bit of a let down on the final episode, but only just a tad. The only reason for it is because the others seasons kept building and building and were able to bring it all together so magnificently. Season 3 was the same, but seemed a bit forced, a bit abrupt. But, people, I am going to be bold enough to say that this show is one of my most favorite of all time. Yep, it’s up there with Boy Meets World, LOST, The O.C., and The Great British Baking Show. Now I bet some of you are questioning my taste and that’s fine. In fact, I would hesitate to recommend Stranger Things to others because it is as the name suggests full of things that are strange. I’ll stop rambling and just say, go team Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Erica!

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  1. Luke Medema

    Yes to snickers…my all time favorite candy bar! And I agree, stranger things is an instant classic, then end of this season definitely left me hanging…I wish the next season was out already. Team Hopper here we go!

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