Day 87 (July 16): PCT Mile 1,518.9 – 1,551.9

Thirty Three, Oh Glory Be

Beginning Elevation = 6,300
Peak Elevation = 7,600
Low/Ending Elevation = 6,150
Weather:  Mostly cloudy, high 70’s

I woke up and opened up my tent to see a lovely sunrise.

6:30am I was on the trail ready to rock. This whole day was really an amazing section of trail! I spent the morning headphone free, just cruising along some pretty mellow trail. It was great because I was up in the mountains, surrounded by mountains, but I wasn’t having to climb them, just traverse along their sides. Often, I could see the trail a ways up ahead curving around a mountainside looking relatively flat. And meanwhile, I’d be looking down on pristine lakes. Just wonderful!

My breakfast break was looking down on what I believe were the Mumbo Lakes.

The relatively mellow miles continued and so did the views of lakes, as well as an abundance of bright flowers! I’m going to post a lot of pictures because I found it all so beautiful today. Check out these funky things…

If you look close at them it appears they’re hollow and have little water droplets within. Still seeing Shasta…

And a very rare occasional snow patch…

I would see this bright green moss in these forests and always it was a few feet high before it started. My guess was the snow had been that high recently?

After something like 17 miles, I made it to my late lunch at Deadfall Lakes! I dipped my feet in and had a relaxing break feasting on my pb and J tortillas. A guy and his son were fishing nearby and asked if I wanted a trout they’d caught. I politely declined wanting to keep treking, but in hindsight it would’ve been a nice experience to have took him up on it.

Lots of water sources in this stretch, mostly these small streams or seeps, which always have an overgrowth of green surrounding them….

I mean are you kidding me with these lakes!?

I was moving slow at the end of this long day. It would once again be my longest day yet at 33 miles. Boom! It felt great to have covered so much and still feel in decent shape. An exaggerated description of how my feet felt would be that they were brittle and stiff to the point they felt they’d shatter if stepped on wrong…a more accurate description might be to say they were tender and sore. I was happy with my tent site. Another beauty along a ridge with views surrounding. All to myself.

2 thoughts on “Day 87 (July 16): PCT Mile 1,518.9 – 1,551.9

  1. Emily Brittenham

    WHAT!? 33 miles!!! That’s incredible. Gorgeous pictures 😍. Glad you had a pleasant day following your frustrating day before.

  2. Brian Beach

    I think I’d have a fulfilling life parking my soul on the banks of one of those lakes, building a small cabin and living off of the bounty of Mother Earth.

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