Day 105 (August 3): Mile 1,906.6 – 1,930.6

Blue, Green, Aquamarine

Beginning Elevation = 4,800 (off PCT) Ending Elevation = 5,550
Elevation Range = 4,800 – 6,550
Weather:. Sunny, high 70’s

Before heading for the tent last night, Snickers and I pulled an audible on our hike start time. Rather than 5:30am, we bumped it to 6:30am, which actually ended up being 7:00am. I was happy for the little extra time getting going. While finishing up our packing we watched as numerous boats took of from the launch. At one point a group of 5 zoomed away all at the same time with spacing between them as if synchronised.

First on the agenda was making it back to the PCT. We were feeling quite rejuvenated, although our packs were now full of food once again. I also had Monica’s old pack that she no longer wanted strapped to the outside of my pack. I thought it fit together pretty nicely. I don’t have pictures of my setup at this point, but keep an eye open for it.

It took us about a half hour to get back to the trail. And then we were off. Up we went to a nice lookout over the lake, Odell Lake. It was beautiful and big, surrounded by forested Mountains. And, there were so any boats out there fishing. I counted at least 30, all trolling I believe. At the lookout there was a hiker named Caboose who was packing up her tent. She’d hiked with Snickers for a bit before Ashland and we chatted for a bit.

Soon, we came to a decent sized highway and crossed it. On the other side we met some hikers going in the opposite direction as us. When both groups told the other to enjoy their time at Shelter Cove Resort (where we’d stayed the night before) some confusion arose, both believing we were headed north. Turns out we were right this time around and this couple had gotten turned around somehow. Luckily, they hadn’t gotten far!

The rest of the day we went up and down two sections, each about 1,200 elevation change. It was fairly gradual as has been the trend, but still we were very much ready for some downhill when we reached the crests.

Our breakfast spot was on a log in some sunlight just off the trail. We purposefully look for sunny spots for breaks to try and reduce the number of our mosquito groupies. Afterwards, we went about 0.4 miles further and found a gorgeous lake that would’ve made for a brilliant place to have broken our fast. We did soak in the sites for a bit and I got some photos. The water was a bluish green or possibly an aquamarine? And clear as the waters of the mighty Lake Superior. I saw a trout swim away from me too. This was Lower Rosary Lake.

We continued on a half mile and came to two more lakes in the Rosary family.

We filled up our bottles from the last one in the sequence. Lake water is not as tasty as cold stream water if you were wondering. As I said earlier, we were excited for some downhill when it came. But we also found some views at the top, lots of lakes around…

And we found some tall signs. I guess the trail gets some cross country skiers during winter and there must be a good amount of snow apparently.

Lunch was spent at the beautiful Bobby Lake. We chowed and chatted with Fast Times, Orca, Caboose, Spam, and Spam’s nephew who I don’t remember his name. We are certainly seeing lots of folks all of a sudden. There are people like us going north who have skipped around some, there are those who are going north and went straight through including the Sierra’s, we’ve got true southbounders now who’ve started at the Canadian border, and quite a few section hikers most of who are doing the Oregon part of the trail.

Lots of tall trees.

And some dead ones

We reached our site around 7:15pm, which was at Irish Lakes I think. We’d traveled the last bit with a hiker named TW who’d traveled with Snickers for a while before I’d reconnected with him. Upon arrival, we saw about five tents. The three of us took some time scoping out other potential sites along the lake, but it was all pretty slanted except for a flat area off a cove. The lake was pretty, but I wasn’t too impressed with our spot. The shallow stagnant water was a haven for mosquitoes, one of the worst spots for them yet. We were prepared, being covered up and with our head nets. We set up our tents and cooked and ate right inside!

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    It’s time to update my map. You are another save for the directionally challenged. Wonderful work Steve Wonder!

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