Day 128 (August 26): Mile 2,347.5 – 2,372.4

The One with the Late Start

Beginning Elevation = 4,750
Ending Elevation = 4,350
Elevation Range = 3,450 – 5,650
Weather:. Sunny and clear, high of 75°F

I didn’t sleep great in the cabin loft, but it was certainly a fun time getting to experience it with the others. I woke up around 5:45am, which is around the time I’ve been waking since I’ve stopped using my alarm. Everyone else seemed to still be sleeping. I lasted until 6:30am before I made my escape out of the cabin, grabbing my pack off the hook, shimying down the ladder, ninja walking across the main floor to the large wooden door, and opening the latch as quietly as possible.

A serene morning greeted me complete with a frosty covered meadow, mist hovering above it, and an orangish hue growing along the horizon.I very much enjoyed having my breakfast out on the porch.TW was the next to make his way outside. On his way, he grabbed a treat out of the trail magic cooler. Breakfast of champions…I was not accustomed to staying in camp this long in the morning and it got me a little stressed. I did pretty good at rolling with the changes though, just understanding that if I hoped to get big miles still, I’d just have to hike later into the evening. Of our group, I was still the first to take off at 8:20am though.

It was a beautiful sunny and clear day. So much so that I got an unobstructed view looking back at Mount Rainier! Quite majestic looking.The rest of the morning TW, Calzone, Cheer and I all skipped around each other. At White Pass I had downloaded Queen Live at Wembley Stadium and took this time to rock out. A great experience…I’ll be looking for more great album experiences to download going forward!

Here’s some photos from the morning trek…And we all met for lunch at this overlook!

I thought it looked like a great place to do some paragliding from, but expert TW informed it was not actually since there wasn’t a place to land. In response to this, I figured I would prove him wrong and began my attempt to use my rain fly as my paragliding apparatus. It was not working as I’d hoped however….

The afternoon/evening hike was solo for the most part. And I didn’t take too many pictures, but here’s a few.

I observed this sign/message sent from up ahead too. I do not condone grafiti on the trail, but I’ll admit that it did give me a chuckle.

And I found this sign too. No motorcycles were spotted, but i was on alert regardless 😉

Around 7:45pm, I arrived to an old dirt two track crossing with an opening out to the sun set. I heard what has now become quite familiar to me…a jingle from TW sung in the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?,” but instead, “Stevie, can you hear/see me?”

He had set up his tent up along the road a bit and Calzone was there too setting up. I joined and soon later Cheer made her way in. We had dinner in the dark after all getting our tents up!

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  1. jimnewheights

    Late start and you still made 25 miles. What a difference from the Sierras. Stevie Wonder is movin, movin, movin.

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