Day 161-162 (Sept. 28-29): South Lake Tahoe

The Spectacular Stay in South Lake Tahoe

As mentioned in my previous post, we were super blessed to have Cindy and Jake take us in. We ended up spending the weekend hiding from the snow and cold temperatures. We were so, so very thankful for the refuge to be able to rest, enjoy one another’s company, eat scrumptious meals together, and gear up/rally ourselves for the next push of the PCT!

I’ll just cover some highlights since it would be quite a lengthy post to cover otherwise, but what I think is central to our stay here was that Cheer had been itching to bake and cook! This is a big part of her life when not on trail and so the idea of having a kitchen and fresh healthy ingredients seemed to capture her and all of us. Throughout the weekend, we had ciabatta bread pudding with whiskey sauce and whiskey whipped cream, marble cake, Funfetti cake, chocolate chip brownies, toad in the hole and sauteed veggies, french pressed coffee, gluten free pancakes with carmelized bananas, pasta with tomato and basil sauce and garlic bread, and some tortilla chips with fresh made quac.

Yes, we may have gone overboard a tad, but it was blissfully wonderful. I’m happy Cheer has a love for food creations. To top off the food/baking theme, we may have binge watched some, possibly the whole first season, of The Great British Baking Show.

Other highlights of our stay include a few soaks in the hot tub, a serious game of Monopoly: The .com Edition, hanging with the dogs, and sitting by the warm fire! We aso each got our bear canisters again from the post office and I was overjoyed to find some goodies and beautiful artwork from my nieces…

6 thoughts on “Day 161-162 (Sept. 28-29): South Lake Tahoe

  1. Emily Brittenham

    Amazing! An unexpected vacation from the trail with all the comforts of home :). Food sounds delicious! Hot tub in the snow sounds fantastic! Cindy and Jake sound like extremely gracious and generous hosts!

    Have loved catching up on your last couple weeks of posts. It’s like storytime for me :). Beautiful scenery as always! Careful with that wet cold weather… Sounds like a recipe for hypothermia -yikes!

  2. Ruth Prins

    I am happy for Cheer, that she got an opportunity to work with food again (in a proper kitchen)! How lucky you guys were to benefit from her love of cooking and baking!!

  3. Sherry Hoekwater

    Very nice creative packaging by Abe. Glad it made it to you. 😊
    The food looks and sounds great! So glad you get to enjoy a great weekend in comforts of a home.

  4. Brian Beach

    Sounds like you got hooked up with the perfect team. Calzone to coordinate lodging, Cheer to provide a plentiful bounty. I sure hope you are providing the captivating story-telling about tales from ERM….. LOL.

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